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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes ShelterD different?
ShelterD makes roof-buying easier. We offer an unrivaled online purchasing experience that saves you time and eliminates frustration. You’re guaranteed a high-quality product you can count on, to protect your home and everything you love.
How does it work?
In just a few minutes, you can get a fair and accurate quote, select your preferred roofing materials, get a warranty if you want one, make your down payment, and schedule installation. Our experienced technicians will take it from there to ensure you’re 100% happy with your experience. ShelterD’s customer service team is also ready to answer any questions you have, at any step of the process.
Who is ShelterD for?
Everyone whose been told (or knows) they need a new roof! But especially busy homeowners juggling full-time jobs and family obligations. They don’t want to waste hours vetting roofing contractors, or managing a long, unpredictable installation process. Basically, if you want it done fast, done right, and at a fair price — you’ll love buying a roof from us.
Why should I choose ShelterD over the roofer my neighbor recommended?
There are some great roofers out there! Our parent company, 5 Star Roofing & Restoration, is one of them. Unfortunately, our industry is also plagued by out-of-state storm-chasers and unfortunately, some scammers. The vast majority of roofing contractors go out of business within a few years, taking warranties with them. When you choose ShelterD, you’re buying from a trusted, well-established company, with extensive expertise installing high-quality roofs throughout Alabama and the country.
How does ShelterD work with my insurance?

Please contact customer service to learn how ShelterD can work with your insurance.

What are your services areas?
We currently service the state of Alabama, with expansion plans underway throughout the Southeastern United States. We hope to be serving all 50 states very soon!